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Nolan Love - Founder and Engineer

Nolan Love

Founder and Engineer

As a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins, I learned both the power of personal education and the wisdom of deferring to experts when necessary to make optimal decisions. As a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, I came to fully understand the value of our right to vote after witnessing violent riots erupt during unfair elections. And during my 15 years as an Internet developer in San Francisco, I have been crafting technology to improve connectivity and collaboration. PollVault is an expression of these values, and a celebration of democracy as it was intended to be: well-informed and all-inclusive.

Rob Sandusky - Design and User Experience

Rob Sandusky

Design and User Experience

When Nolan Love approached me to design the PollVault experience, I couldn't resist. For me, voting has always been a conflict: weighing my obligation and desire to vote against the chore of weeding through dry voter guides and towers of political flyers — and in the end, still not knowing if a “no” vote really meant being in favor of an issue. I hope that with PollVault we help everyone make well–informed choices, save time and feel good about participating in their own governance.


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