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PollVault connects voters with trusted advisors like your organization. Publish endorsements freely. Reach more voters with premium features.

PollVault is a non-partisan website that aggregates all voter guides in one easy-to-use tool for voters.

As an organization that makes endorsements (whether you're a PAC, 501c4, or just an organized group of concerned citizens), we know that you want to get your message out to educate potential voters. Voters nationwide turn to PollVault as the go-to website for information on their federal and state (and soon, local) candidates and initiatives.

How do organizations sign up?

First log in or sign up with your organization email address so that you can manage your organization's profile and endorsements. Once logged in, return to this page to sign your organization up on PollVault.

How much does it cost?

It is free to create profiles and voter guides on PollVault. For premium polling analytics, lead gen to grow your voter list, or a custom branded PollVault site, please email

More questions?

Email with your contact information and we will get in touch to give you and your organization a demo of what PollVault can do for you.

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