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Your Ballot tabs Ballot tabs: Switch views between your Federal, State & Local ballots. Candidates and propositions are shown based on the voting districts associated with your address.
Get help button Help button: Click the help button to show page-specific help information and instructions.
Save your ballot button Save button: You can use PollVault without registering. To save your ballot for later, click Save to create your account. Once registered, the Save button no longer appears and any changes you make, (voting, commenting, etc.) automatically save to your account.

Tip: When you register, an activation email is sent from Check your spam filter if you don't see it after a few minutes.

Your  voting column Your vote column: The blue column is where you record your votes for canidates and initiatives. When you register your PollVault account and connect to your Facebook account, your Facebook profile picture will show up in the tab in place of the "Your Vote" label.
Political Clout Political clout: Shows how many followers you have. Everyone starts off initially with +0, but as people select you to be their Advisor, your political clout increases. Use this as a guide to help when choosing your Advisors.
Yes = Yes, in favor
No = No, voting against
No choice made button = Neutral, no choice
Leave a comment = Just commenting
Vote choice button: Click the vote choice button next to a proposition or candidate to register your vote. You can add comments about candidates and propositions any time, by clicking on your vote choice button.
Add an Advisor Advisors: The other columns of your ballot will show opinions of Advisors that you choose. You can have up to ten Advisors, including friends that you invite or organizations offering opinions on candidates and issues. To add an Advisor, click on the Add Advisor icon like the one shown here, or select the Advisors link at the top of the page to manage your Advisors.
Tip: Once you've invited someone to be your advisor, they will show up in your list of Adisors with a Pending status until they accept and agree to your invitation.
'See more' and 'Show full ballot' buttons Show more ballot: To help show as many ballot races as possible, initially you may only see a few of the candidates for any race, often those that already have votes from your Advisors. To see, and vote on, the full range of candidates for a race, simply click on the See more or Show full ballot buttons. This will show additional candidates in those races. To see your full ballot including all races, you may need to add your address, only so that we can locate your voting districts and find your ballot.
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This is a voter guide only; it does not count as your official ballot, and it may be inaccurate or incomplete.
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