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A quick word about what we’re up to

Our mission at PollVault is to simplify democracy, and in doing so, help realize President Lincoln’s vision of “a government of the people, for the people, by the people.”

The problem:

Up until now, getting ready to vote meant scanning voter-guide booklets, leafing through stacks of flyers, and searching websites to see who your favorite organizations are endorsing. This has contributed to a sense of overwhelm and confusion for new and experienced voters alike, creating unnecessary barriers to participation in the democratic process.

The solution:

PollVault is a new non-partisan website designed literally around your ballot, delivering all the information you need to make better voting decisions in a single, easy-to-read format. Voters on PollVault see a simple, customized and interactive digital ballot with photos and links to over 12,000 candidates and hundreds of state and local ballot measures nationally.

PollVault is about trust:

PollVault’s social voting features allow voters to customize their ballot the same way they create personalized music playlists, featuring the voices they most want to hear all in one place. However unlike other social networks, the PollVault community is organized not on acquaintance, but on trust. Voters choose up to ten thoughtfully selected friends and organizations to serve as trusted Advisors, then follow these Advisors’ positions on key ballot measures and races.

PollVault is about listening:

When you are invited to PollVault, it is because someone wants to hear what you have to say about the issues, and trusts that it will be well considered. When you join PollVault, you choose Advisors to whom you will listen in turn. Collectively, through listening, we make better decisions.

PollVault is about activating:

Individuals, organizations and candidates finally have a dedicated platform to speak to supporters when and where actual ballot choices are being made, spread the word on candidates and causes they care about, and through our data analytics, get valuable feedback on whether their messages are translating into voting decisions.

PollVault is about privacy:

PollVault respects and protects voters’ fundamental right to privacy. No political position is ever visible to any other user until a voter expressly shares that position. No polling reports ever contain any personally identifiable information. While it will likely slow viral growth, on PollVault, privacy is paramount.

The final word:

We hope the impact of PollVault is that voters become better educated, and political and social capital accrues to the most trusted and informed voices. As opposed to our current system, which often rewards those who are the loudest or most well-funded, PollVault will surface new thought leaders and shift power based on the fidelity of ideas. Collectively, through listening and positive dialogue, we will make better decisions.

The PollVault Team